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Jeffrey Campbell, clearly fashionable

Fashion has often shown to us that it knows no limits! On this note, Jeffrey Campbell belongs to one of those brands that will make your mouth water and want to purchase their whole collection of shoes... The brand can be summarised in one word only: O-RI-GI-NA-LI-TE ! From a small family-owned business to a fashion phenomenon with a presence on the international fashion stage, Jeffrey Campbell showcases, through its shoe collections, a level of creativity which rivals that of luxury brands.

A Touch of Extravagance

As one of the only brands who knows how to combine modernism with quirkiness, Jeffrey Campbell offers women from all walks of life creations which are untouched by time. Boots, sandals and ballerinas are subjected to an unusual design. Original heels, fantasy accessories, novel shapes are all details that add charm to the shoes.

Add to your Shoe Collection...

...We're banking on Paco Gil, Minna Parikka or even Irregular Choice to help us add something special to our shoe collection. What do they have in common with Jeffrey Campbell you ask? A clear identity which sums up their style and makes the brand unique. Whether flats or heels, the creations go well with modern but not necessarily extravagant clothing so as not steal the shoes' thunder.

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